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Manufacturer Spotlight: Sage Oil Vac

In 1993, Gary Sage, the Sage Oil Vac company founder, invented the first oil vac system. The invention began taking off, and in 2001, Sage knew it was time to pursue the oil vac industry full time and opened the Sage Oil Vac headquarters in Amarillo, Texas.

Truck Equipment is pleased to be a distributor for Sage Oil Vac. The attachable lube body can be built specifically for your truck type and customized with multiple tank configurations, ranging in tank sizes from 30 to 600 gallons with optional fuel storage of 500 to 2,000 gallons. These bodies utilize the Sage Oil Vac exclusive vacuum and pressure systems, and are built to last ten-plus years on the job. In order to reduce idle chassis time and overall fuel consumption, Sage Oil Vac offers a standalone compressor generator configurations.

The oil exchange systems use a unique, pump-free design, allowing the user to dispense and drain oil faster using cutting-edge vacuum technology. The Sage Oil Vac method uses compressed air to create a vacuum suction within the oil tanks for a fluid exchange rate of up to 10 to 15 gallons per minute. "While our system goes against the grain of traditional pump-based technology, customers who make the switch enjoy a cleaner, more energy efficient oil change on the job," according to the Sage Oil Vac website.

Sage also offers a variety of accessories to compliment your lube body. From filter stingers to drain pans to used filter receptacles, these options are perfect for customizing to fit your needs.

In addition to their lube bodies, Sage Oil Vac also offers fuel and lube trailers. This is a great investment for frequent or on-site oil changes, saving time and productivity. These lube trailers can go from a smaller capacity of 80 gallons to a much larger capacity holding more than 1,000 gallons.

Complete your Sage Oil Vac body or trailer with various accessories such as barrel straws, drain pans, fluid tanks, and more.

Contact one of our sales specialists for more information on Sage Oil Vac and configure the perfect body for your equipment needs. Visit for more information on this quarter's manufacturer.

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