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Rock Mills Enterprises: The Lifter magnetic manhole and grate cover lift

Truck Equipment is now selling The Lifter, an automated manhole cover remover, manufactured by Rock Mills Enterprises.

The Lifter allows the user to approach the manhole cover from inside the vehicle. Complete with roadway camera and dash monitor to spot cover, and a hand-held wireless remote to engage The Lifter, it's the perfect, safe option for lifting manhole covers. Users can operate The Lifter while safely seated in their vehicle, making it not only a safe choice, but an extremely time efficient one. It only takes one touch of the wireless remote to lower the magnet onto the manhole cover and activate it. Once this is done, the electro-magnet technology makes for a quick and easy removal of the manhole cover or drainage gate. With the push of a button, the cover is removed. The optional swing arm allows the operator to swing the cover away from the opening and replacing it without moving the vehicle. When dealing with more challenging removals, The Lifter PLUS is available as well.

Some of the many benefits to using The Lifter include:

  • The Lifter automates the process

  • Minimize risk and the high cost of employee injury

  • The Lifter helps make workers more efficient

  • The Lifter can greatly benefit an aging workforce

Rock Mills Enterprises is a manufacturing company in Rock Valley, Iowa. The company's mission states, "Rock Mills Enterprises are innovators in manhole cover safety and efficiency products. The company is focused on delivering high quality products and support services. "Rock Mills Enterprise business practices are rooted in building relationships based on respect, honesty, and integrity," according to its website. The company serves a wide variety of industries including municipalities, public utilities, telecommunications, government, and operation and maintenance contractors.

If The Lifter is a piece of equipment that could make your life easier, contact our sales department for more information on this innovative manhole cover remover at

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