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De-icing with Liquids: How using liquids can improve your business's bottom line

Liquids have become increasingly popular in the past few years, with studies backing the use of liquids for snow and ice management. States' Departments of Transportation using liquids strategies show a decline in accidents and operational costs, coupled with improved performance indicators. According to the SnowEx website, a 12-year study done on the interstate system in the Denver metro area saw a 14 percent decrease in snow and ice related accidents attributed to the use of anti-icing strategies.

The 2014 shortage or salt supplies caused many private service providers to barely break even, after expecting a large profit margin. Because of the scarcity of salt, prices skyrocketed to upwards of five times the normal cost.

In 2013, SnowEx conducted a survey to gauge interest and attitudes of liquid technologies. The results concluded that the private sector was ready to move in the direction of liquids. Results showed that 59 percent indicated "increased efficiency in handling diverse snow and ice conditions," 54 percent believed them to be "more profitable" and 38 percent thought them to be "more cost effective".

In response to this survey and the rising needs for liquids, SnowEx developed the LiquiMaxx™ modular sprayers and the Brine Pro 2000 brine maker, selected as one of Landscape and Irrigation magazine's Twenty for 2015 New Product Award. Additionally, SnowEx is providing training for these products.

The LiquiMaxx™ is a dedicated spray system for anti-icing jobs, durably built to withstand hard winter elements. Its modular design allows you to choose the right pieces to fit your needs. With tank capacities ranging from 300 to 1,250 gallons, they fit truck sizes from class 2 to 6. You can also switch out components when upgrading your equipment. The durable pump has a low-water shutoff that prevents it from running dry. The LiquiMaxx™ is also available with dual control that will automatically adjust the flow rate with speed input as needed, making applications easier than ever.

The Brine Pro 2000 simplifies the production of brine with its user-friendly operation, automatic salinity control and easy, no-splash salt refilling. This system is compatible with low-flow water input and 220VA electrical sources that are available in most shops. Each ton of salt added to the brine maker creates approximately 870 gallons of brine in a few hours, increasing efficiency and saving money.

Find out more about the LiquiMaxx™ and the Brine Pro™ on the SnowEx website at

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