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Manufacturer Spotlight: Johnston North America

Melted snow and ice leave a dirty, gritty mess on the pavement for cities and counties. Johnston North America (JNA) street sweepers allow you to get the job done quickly and extremely efficiently.

JNA is a subsidiary of Johnston Sweepers LTD., which was founded in 1904, and is the world leading manufacturer of outdoor surface cleaning equipment. Offering a wide range of options enables the user to do more than sweep, including street washing, removal of weeds, and gully emptying.

Quality is something you can rely on when it comes to purchasing a JNA sweeper. The factory operates three CNC laser cutting machines, which can support the highs and lows of productions and parts demand. In 2009, Johnston installed a state-of-the-art Powder Coating Paint Plant, which ensures the highest level of durability for each component. These components are shot blasted, chemically cleaned, dried and painted during this process. Quality is measured regularly and tested parts must pass a 1000 hour scratch and salt test.

With models ranging from the VT651, a sweeper incorporating thousands of customer-led design upgrades, to the compact CT201, with a small turn radius, perfect for sidewalks and other small areas, Johnston has something for everyone.

No matter your sweeper needs, Johnston Sweepers are built to last and constructed for optimal performance. Visit for more information and contact our sales department at to get a sweeper quote.

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