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Manufacturer Spotlight: SpaceKap

Truck Equipment's newest manufacturer is SpaceKap, founded in 1972 in Canada. SpaceKap is Canada's largest manufacturer of fiberglass caps for commercial and recreational use.

The company's products meet the needs of general contractors, electricians and plumbers, along with professionals working in any trade looking for a versatile and transferable service unit.

Theses units are built to facilitate transfer from one pickup to another, reducing your initial investment for an interior storage and offers you the chance to amortize the cost. When changing from one truck to another, you are not tied down to one model - the SpaceKap fits any full-size truck with similar bed length (6.5 or 8 feet).

Models range in size and function. The COMPAK is a good solution for city/underground parking. With its cab-type design and streamlined look, it is very accessible. The full-length doors and optional single or dual slide system means you'll never have to crawl to reach your equipment. The DIABLO model reaches a height of 75 inches with a spacious interior volume of 372 cubic feet. A skylight lets natural light in during the day, while its LED light bars illuminate during the night time.

Visit and check out the different models and their features. Let us know if you find one that will fit your needs and our sales team will help you put together the perfect solution.

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