Manufacturer Spotlight: Switch-N-Go

Truck Equipment is pleased to announce it is now a distributor for Switch-N-Go. Switch-N-Go is an interchangeable truck body system, part of Deist Industries, Inc., which was formed in 1993. In 2002, the Switch-N-Go system was introduced to the medium-duty truck industry.

With the Switch-N-Go system, productivity is increased using the service-proven Switch-N-Go hoist system on one chassis you can quickly interchange different bodies several times a day with one single operator.

The Switch-N-Go bodies range from dump bodies to platform bodies and storage bodies to chipper bodies.

Benefits of the Switch-N-Go System:

  • Safety: Ground-level loading and unloading ensures for safer work. Loading a fixed truck body takes longer and back-related injuries are much more likely to occur.

  • Versatility: Now you can do it all with just one truck, creating limitless job opportunities.

  • Economical: When compared to three permanent chassis, the Switch-N-Go has a lower cost of ownership. According to the website the Switch-N-Go bodies save more than $190,000 over a five-year period.

  • Efficient: You can load and unload in under three minutes and get back to the next job in no time.

  • Powerful and Safe: The rugged system can lift up to 18,000 lbs on medium-duty trucks. The body locks into place for secure transport.

  • Drop a body and deliver another for your next job: One truck with multiple body options increases your daily productivity. Its lighter weight means greater payloads and up to 40 percent less expensive than other detachable body systems.

The Switch-N-Go system is perfect for every industry, including landscaping, municipalities, waste hauling, contracting, etc. Visit for more information.