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Pure Sine Wave Inverters: How to size and use DC/AC inverters

Although not as well-known as AC generators, DC to AC power inverters are increasingly becoming the product of choice for operating conventional AC equipment where only DC power is available and where regulatory rules restrict engine idling. Ultimate Power's inverters are very reliable and efficient solid-state devices. They can power any type of equipment within their power rating and are found in a wide range of utility applications including the cable, telecommunications, gas, electric, refrigeration and municipal markets.

Power inverters come in three types, including pure, modified, and quasi-sine wave forms. A power inverter converts AC to DC power by use of transformers, circuit boards and an electric oscillator that produces an electronic signal. A pure sine wave inverter has equipment that produces an electronic signal. A pure sine wave inverter has equipment that produces the cleanest, smoothest signal at 50 or 60 hertz.

Pure sine wave inverters are generally more expensive than modified or quasi-sine inverters, because their signals are squarer, or rougher, more of a step wave than a smooth, oscillating wave like the pure sine. Pure sine wave inverters align with the signals, produced by all equipment currently on the market.

Rechargeable tools, microwaves, computers and equipment using variable speed motors may not produce full output or run efficiently if they do not run with a pure sine wave inverter. Certain lighting, digital clocks and electric timers may also work improperly. Appliances controlling temperature may also be at risk and often you may hear a "buzz" in the line due to the rougher waves caused by harmonic distortion output.

Ultimate Power's inverters offer these features and advantages over conventional engine generators:

- Convenient: Simulate utility power to operate all type of loads

- Safe: Requires no flammable fuels, numerous self-protection features, listed by Underwriters Laboratories.

- Pollution-Free: Solid-state design requires virtually no maintenance

- High-Peak: Able to start high in-rush loads like compressors and pumps without the over-sizing needed for generators

- Quiet: Nearly noiseless and vibration-free

- Rugged: Proven reliable operation in harsh, high-vibration environments

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